First Published: 19/10/2014


    Well I’m just back from another one of the Dragon’s awful route marches.  Why won’t she realise that a boy needs to stop frequently and smell the flowers (or anything else of interest to a canine).  I consider it a good walk if a mile takes us two hours.  The Dragon is not happy unless said mile takes no more than 15/20 minutes including my ‘pit stops’.  My paws are still smarting so this will only be a short note.

    I’m really worried as ever since ‘Le Tour’, she has been talking about buying a bicycle.  She currently has an old one which was ‘liberated’ out of a skip about 6 years ago, but for the past 3 it has had a flat tyre – thank God!  I’m definately, flately refusing to accompany her if she gets wheels!  At her age she should know better.  Hrrump.

Militant Pim

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