First Published: 18/05/2017


The efforts of the group of volunteers who go out into the Doncaster area raising public awareness of Tia and it’s work is beginning to pay dividends, with more people and families visiting the Centre, which is great!  We have also received invitations to visit Schools, Residential Homes and Day Centres for The Elderly with some of the kennel dogs – we very much want to honour these requests, but will be unable to do so without the help of more volunteers.
All we are asking for is 2 -3 hours of your time every so often, the more people who get involved the better!  Please e-mail Janice; if you can help in any way or would like more information.
The team of volunteer fundraisers based in W. Yorkshire also need more help in order to continue their support of Tia – if you want to get involved, please refer to the Events Page on Tia’s website and contact the person responsible for organising the event you can help at.
We appreciate everyone’s life is very busy these days, but we really need your help, please volunteer if you can – the animals at Tia are relying on you!
Thank you
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