A Collection of Video’s For Tia Greyhound Rescue

Tia Hounds go to School

Abandoned greyhounds fill Tia rescue sanctuary in West Yorkshire

Greyhound Racing in Modern Britain (Part 1:2008)

Greyhound Racing in Modern Britain (Part 2:2009)

Welfare managers discuss the problems of re-homing racing greyhounds

Alice the abandoned greyhound finds a new home

Its a Dogs Life

Debate on Greyhound Welfare – 17/12/2014 – Westminster Hall

Tia Volunteering Project 2011

The integrity of greyhound racing has been called into question by a Panorama investigation which has exposed blatant cheating and the drugging of dogs at the heart of the sport.
The undercover investigation caught a trainer revealing how he dopes greyhounds in order to effect betting coups – some of which he claims to have paid out up to £150,000.
The programme’s findings have prompted animal welfare campaigners to call for the government to reconsider the sport’s self-regulatory status.

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