First Published: 08/11/2014

The Undertaker

 Several years has passed since this incident so I am reasonably comfortable about telling you about it now, so long as The Dragon never reads this.  However, before I tell all, I must explain about one of my little ‘foibles’.  I often don’t relish the idea of being left on my own, and try to explain to my humans in the only way I know how.  When they are going out, I ‘paw’ them with a front foot. If they ignore this, I get hold of a trouser leg or sleeve.  If this fails to get their attention, I grab hold of their arm in my mouth whilst my eyes plead “take me”.  I suppose a ‘non doggy’ person might possibly misconstrue this action……..

      The Dragon’s husband had been quite ill in the last few years of his life, and in the final twelve months, he’d had to move into the sitting room with us boys – bed and everything.  I loved his bed and snuggly duvet, but Dragon was livid every time  she found me in it!  The three of us, Husband, Boomer and me were mates and had some very good months together sharing meals and the bed (as long as the Dragon was out). She joined us every evening after work.  It was one Sunday 
afternoon whilst watching his favorite rugby on that TV thing, still with his cup of tea in his hand that the Dragon’s Husband went on his long sleep. Now when humans set out on their long sleep, another ‘undertaking’ human comes to the house. 

This person is a very serious man called a ‘Funeral Director’.  Funeral Directors are not at all ‘doggy’.  When the undertaking man had taken our mate out to his special car, he came back in to speak to the Dragon, and make some 
arrangements.  “One of those dogs nipped me”, he told her. 

A quick glance in my direction, and she smiled at him, “You must be mistaken.  The black bin bag is far too big a wuss to nip anything larger than a biscuit and the ginger tripod has only one tooth left in his head”.  No more was ever said about it, and that is the only time the Dragon has ever defended me.  I will leave it up to my reader to decide the truth about what happened………

XX Pim

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