First Published: 04/01/2015

The Fire /Sleep

The Dragon is not using the central heating this winter, she is using old fashioned coal fires.  She gets her fire started early evening so it is roaring and the sitting room is warm in time for her to watch her favorite program on that tv thing.  She settles into her reclining chair with a cup of tea, and very soon both cats get on her knee – this used to be Boomer’s place.  In no time at all, they are dozing.  Humans are so unattractive when asleep, especially with open mouth and dribbling out of one corner.  Whilst the three of them are snoring in the land of nod I hope they don’t expect ME to stoke the fire, not after the way she has repeatedly shouted at me for removing coal from the coal scuttle!

Militant again Pim

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