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There are many dogs and other animals at Tia Rescue that can not be rehomed for a variety of reasons.

All of long term residents would appreciate it if you could help fund their board and lodgings, if only for a while.

Many of residents have been with us for several years, some have just arrived.

All need your support.

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Curley tail Thats Tarzan

_IAN0930Francis201702071 _IAN0900Francis201702071 _IAN0898Francis201702071 _IAN0892Francis201702071

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_IAN3875Francis201702071 _IAN7335Francis201702071 _IAN7350Francis201702071 _IAN7354Francis201702071 _IAN7356Francis201702071

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Bobby Fawn

_IAN0830Francis201702071_IAN0837Francis201702071_IAN0845Francis201702071_IAN7966Francis201702071Bobby (2)

OK Bobby you win. Please welcome our newest sponsor dog.

He went out a few times as befitting a beautiful fawn boy but couldn’t keep out of trouble.

Beautiful. No slouch either, Bobby Fawn was born in Ireland and raced at Peterborough.

Petshop Hondo dob 26.8.2012

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_IAN6043Francis201702071_IAN6029Francis201702071_IAN6034Francis201702071_IAN6072-Edit-EditFrancis201702071_IAN6045-EditFrancis201702071_DSF2141-EditFrancis201702071 _DSF2127-EditFrancis201702071-2

A very good racer A1/A2 racer in his day on the Northern tracks. Sunderland, Nottingham Kinsley Boe tore around them all. He was handed into us two years back and really needs to find a place of his own. Boe has watched many a dog come and go, including the girl he came in with and we cannot understand why a white and black dog of this quality is still with us.



Actually we can now because Boe is super keen! He blew a fantastic opportunity with a wonderful home (Aston be good) and is back to begin a career as a sponsor dog. He always liked the place.



Donnas Boe dob 24.4.11

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Staying put!


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Woody – Update

We have put him up for adoption more in hope than expectation. Scared of his own shadow. A worrier.

Pity as he is so beautiful.

Someone we know and trust for this dog please.

We gave in. Welcome to Tia Woody and a new career as a sponsor dog.





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The Racing industry sent flowers when they heard he was with us. The thread on one forum ran to 18 pages.  Much was expected of Shane as a juvenile and he wasn’t cheap. Formed an endearing habit of taking the short cut off the track and herding the other runners with him. Bitch slapped a few for good measure. Men came to blows in the bar later allegedly. We watch the video sometimes. Google Black Jedmac Monmore on Youtube, don’t worry everyone survived. Shane broke his connections hearts.

A lovely lovely boy but shouldn’t be out in the world.

Our gain

Friday Shane



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If you see me coming better step aside.

Ruby is hell on heels and something will die if she ever passes through the gate. Looks like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth but she is the pinup girl of Jones and Simon.

We just cannot take the risk so Tia is the end of the line. Not a bad line though girl?

Ruby doesn’t care, at least she gets her own bedroom.

Short Affair dob 5.6.2008


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The lovely Blythe. He is the biggest, softest, most playful dog in the kennels. He collects all the toys in the paddock and brings them  back to his kennel. I think so far the record is four in his mouth at the same time. A big favourite with the visitors.

BlytheBig toy!

Big toy!


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Chester and Millie

The Security!

chester an millie

It was 2013, when Cameron rang me out of the blue, with the news that he had terminal cancer. After growing up with him and knowing him all my life it was hard to understand. At our age? His main worry, his dogs. Not so much Chester, the big daft fawn puppy dog. Yes puppy… But Millie…The wrong side of middle age, the wrong side of cute. Not keen on other dogs either after being attacked. Cameron died peacefully in the knowledge that they would be taken care of. Chester and Millie now live at Tia and look after the place.



Portraits (1)



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A fast and beautifully bred dog. Glen’s pedigree would rival most people listed in The Peerage. All the greats are there, Top Honcho, Staplers Jo, Slaneyside Hare, you name it. He is practically royalty. Sadly it wasn’t enough to protect him from becoming another statistic and he has more reason to thank Tia for his life than most.


Honchos Hawk last ran at Sheffield on 7/1/2011. It was a very rough race with five dogs colliding, one of them was Ciarans Socks who came in last week (We’re keeping them apart for now!)

Glen was injured and sold that same night to a trainer on the flapping circuit. Denied any rest to enable his injuries to heal, Glen raced within forty-eight hours, pulling up crippled and more pertinently to his new trainer, plumb last.

Glen changed hands for the second time in a week, this time destined for an appointment with a man in a white laboratory coat. The V word.

Honchos Hawk was really in trouble .

Tia learned of his predicament and stepped between Glen and his fate, although his two companions were not so lucky. Glen’s original trainer was informed and despicably didn’t want to know. Glen is of course blissfully unaware of his intended fate and has been here ever since. This may be due to our founder loving him to bits, although if the right home came up Debs might be tempted to let him go. Bring cakes.


Honchos Hawk

dob 27.10.2006

Forgotten Athlete




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Albi Albi Albi

When a lady rang saying she losing her farm what could I say?

On Thursday we picked up 2 ponies, a horse and the delightful Albi. He was picked up weeks ago in Barnsley, severely underweight with his hooves curling upwards. He is still very thin, but he has the sweetest nature. The vet thinks he is between 15 and 20 years old. His teeth are a mess so that’s probably why he’s so thin. The horse dentist is coming next weekend so I will update more then.

Albi will be staying here and will be available for sponsorship…..Deb


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Ross (1)Ross









_DSF2478-Edit-2Francis201702071 _IAN3117-EditFrancis201702071







Came down from Scotland under a blanketwhere he had really blotted his copybook. His disposition hasn’t mellowed over the years and visitors to the kennel will hear him long before they see him.

Ross is safe at Tia.

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Dandy and Beano

The fund raising department!

Dandy and Beano are worth their weight in gold. No-one can walk past them at the show stall and the takings go skyward. Their talents are especially valued at the Xmas Fairs, taking all the pats and kisses with good grace.

The removal gang last year had mixed feelings about these two rogues. D & B with the help of Sylvia the Shetland (well over 30 yrs) decided that the grass in the other paddocks was much greener and decide to go walkabout. Oblivious to the electric fencing, the three musketeers caused havoc in the Shire paddocks and had to be rescued from being squashed. They are still more trouble than the all the Shires put together.

Created with Nokia Smart CamDandy & Beano

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Jones and Lanalana

Seen here with her boyfriend Jones but Lana is quite fickle and it could easily be Ty next week. Lana raced in Ireland for a blink of an eye and came to Tia about a year ago. Another bag of nerves. Poor little girl, we are trying to gain her trust though the writing was on the wall from the start.

Lana is happy here though in quiet corners and maybe time will work it’s magic.  We’ll see how it goes.

Force of Nature 3.6.12

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