First Published: 22/12/2014

Rehoming Kinsley dogs Update

We are doing really well rehoming and have done all year, I hope it continues.

We have rehomed about 140 dogs already this year. The dogs come from all over the country from different tracks, owners, trainers and stray kennels.

It was only last November when the part owner of Kinsley stadium threw a hissy fit and stormed out of  his own bar, shouting “under no circumstances do any Kinsley trainers take their dogs to Tia Rescue”

Well so far we have rehomed 19 Kinsley dogs and have another 17 here waiting in the kennels….

I wonder how many they have actually sent to their designated rescue……….5

And where does all that money go that you raise for their retirement.  What is it,  35k or 40k?



Since this article was publlshed in June another 4 greyhounds have been taken into their designated rescue and Kinsley stadium have come to an arrangement with the RGT.

The RGT have agreed to take 60 dogs a year from Kinsley.

On average that’s just over 1 dog a week.

It’s a shame that the problem had to be highlighted in the first place. Deb


UPDATE  December 2014

SInce this article was published in June, some of the trainers are now actually too scared to bring their dogs in to Tia. Some are sneaking them in, hoping the track owner won’t find out and some are ignoring him completely and bringing their dogs in regardless.   Yes Really…

The genuine owners are bringing their dogs here and paying for their  retirement……Something just struck me the other day, sorry guys not a hard object…

Here’s the thing….

When you buy a raffle ticket at the track, you are indeed helping with a greyhounds retirement.

Hopefully the same greyhound will make it into a homing scheme.

So does the owner pay for the greyhound to go into a homing scheme out of their own pocket? Or do you pay for the greyhound to go into a homing scheme with your donations?

If it is the owner, where does the money go that you have given?

If it is what you have given, that means the owner doesn’t have to pay…Win. Win…for the tracks retirement fund anyway….




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