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Hi everyone. My name is Holly. Allegedly. It may well be for I cannot recall hearing my name spoken in a long long time. I was in a home once and very happy. This is a picture of me in my salad days.

Not bad eh! Note the sparkling teeth and that’s a house collar around my neck. A few months ago, life turned on me. My Mum died and I went to live with a relative of hers. Her resident dog didn’t like me very much so I was put outside to live. Well, I don’t need to tell you what the weather has been like for the past few months. I didn’t get much food either. Finally, things came to a head and her dog attacked me, not for the first time but I needed attention on this occasion. A vet bill loomed. Last Thursday, I was thrown into a car and taken to Tia. There was a very ugly scene at the kennel. People were shouting and I was so frightened.

Today I was put into another car and taken to a foster home in the country to recuperate. I was so petrified that I was being returned that I tried to smash my way through the sunroof in the car. The other dog just slept so I calmed down after a while. It may be alright here, at least there’s plenty of food. I could swear I saw a rabbit earlier this evening.

holly 1 two weeks on

Tomorrow I am to get a bath and a new name. Fresh start. There aren’t enough picture slots on the web page to show you how beaten down and emaciated I actually am but I have attached a few. Charlie (the famous sponsor dog) says he had never seen Debs so livid.

As for you, dear relative, who no doubt inherited more than just an old dog, you were last seen sobbing in the car park reeling from a long overdue tongue lashing. My old Mum would have been devastated over your treatment of me. You might want to think about that. love Holly (for now).

Fact File 10 years old.

4-5 kilos underweight. Infected sores on face and neck. Pressure sores on hips and feet. Off hind leg shakes permanently. Eyes slightly cloudy. Full dental urgently needed, but too weak to survive anaesthetic.Reeking of urine.Terrified. Absolutely terrified.


Happy Holly.We tried rehoming Holly once or twice to lovely people, but she never really settled and came back home to us. Once she settled, her true nature manifested itself as an accomplished and determined flirt. With around 50 hunky men to choose from and fall out with and by God she does, Holly knew a good thing when she saw one. She must be nearly twelve now but still enjoys life at the kennels. Holly will never leave our care again. We didn’t change her name either.


Tia Greyhound and Lurcher Rescueholly

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