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The day being 25.6.2013. Emley has been here a month and is starting to recover. Can you imagine what she looked like back then? Emley came in bald with cuts on her legs and chest. She was seriously underweight and her recovery is due in no small part to the love of the kennel staff at Tia.

Em is an un-named English bred greyhound born in Doncaster on 18.06.2010. Her breeding is Westmead Max x Dianefromthorne and we have already entertained several members of her family at our expense! Tia is beginning to home in on the Dianefromthorne family but at the moment we are in the dark as to her previous home.

We expect to see more of this line before long.

Meanwhile Emley needs a home and soon.


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durham dogsboyjane

Boy…11yrs Jane…10yrs and Magda..

What really gets on our nerves is do gooders slagging off racing men who keep dogs on allotments, yes you know who you are.

You see, we lived on an allotment all our lives, in Durham. We were all really good racers so our dad kept us….then it went badly wrong, just a few weeks ago. He stopped of the other men said that our dad had died. We didn’t know what to do.

Nobody else wanted us, we are old…

One of the other men on the allotment took us to the local track…seemed a bit odd we haven’t raced for years..Boy was the most worried, he has a shaky back leg. He was scared the young ones would laugh at him…So there we were watching the young ones running around, trialling, all gangly…

Oh they don’t breed them like us anymore…

A trainer then came up to us and asked the man why we were there. He said to the trainer in a hushed voice ” their owner has died, the vet will put them to sleep in a minute…just waiting for the trialling to finish.”

We didn’t get put down. The trainer bundled us into his van and took us home….He then rang someone called Deb…she didn’t have any room for us, so the trainer kept us until she had, it was only a few weeks…

Last Monday we went to meet her, from Durham, to Whitehaven and now in a place called Hebden Bridge. We like it here. Boy has had most of his teeth out so he doesn’t smell anymore. I am called Jane, no one knows who Magda is cos they can’t read her tattoos…

We can’t understand a word they are saying though, but i’m sure we’ll get used to their accent….

PS Thanks Jacky….Professional greyhound trainer/decent human being

Boy, Jane and Magda

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QSE9 born 01/04/08

Mom: Jennys Court

Dad; Droopys Woods

Caught in Maltby, Rotherham 15th March….The one she was with ran away.

If anyone knows who it is who is doing this for christs sake give me a ring, text, email….there are too many coming out of this area…like this..

She might have been born on April fools day, she might be a stinking skeleton, 18.9kgs, she might have bone sticking out of the end of her tail, she might have foul teeth but she has the biggest brown eyes…..she is safe now…


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Dear Sir,
We have your dogs.

We must confess to being slightly envious at the ice water in your veins that enabled you to drive two home bred bitches to the dog pound.

You were well aware they stood little chance of being re-homed. What we would give for such indifference as we pick up the pieces from your dying industry.

Did you go inside or just drop them at the door?

The old ladies must have been very frightened at being kenneled amongst the plethora of discarded staffies and confiscated pitbulls.

So unlike your own peaceful immaculate kennels. At least they had each other.

Between them, you may recall, the old girls have thrown 5 Open Racers from at least three litters.

Their sons race at Sheffield and Belle Vue regularly. A full sister to the nine year old was advertised for free in your area. Heavens knows where she is now.

The exertions and bloodlines of all three have made you a respected trainer at your stadium of choice and this is how you repay them.

It’s the bottom line isn’t it? Average of 10 pups a litter, say €750 ballpark each to cover both runts and champions. A very modest €22.5K perhaps, less luck. At least. Then there is the punting.

Our economics come in a different hue. £140 for the transporter that brought them from Ireland, little change from £200 for the full dental the younger girl needs (did you ever look in her mouth?), more output for jabs, neutering and chipping against a donation of £200 including collar, lead and insurance.

No doubt you look on us as fools. Perhaps you are right.

They are OK by the way. The journey took it out of the nine year old as you would expect but they will be alright once they have settled. We will, as always, do our best for them as they did for you. We feel sure that they would join us in our thanks to those involved in preventing their destruction, highlighting their plight, watching over them until the transport could be arranged, delivering them safely to his care.

They have no idea to whom they are indebted of course.
We do.
Better people than you, dear Sir, better people than you.



Tia Rescue



Beautiful. Even in her bed she looks a cut above the rest. Pure class. Rainbow is so well connected she makes Glen look like a sink estate Chav! Her litter brother Gingko broke four track records, still holds two of them and now stands at stud in Argentina. At the height of his fame Rainbow would have been very valuable indeed. Even one of her litters would have cleared our mortgage. Fast forward to 2013, Rainbow was left in a stray kennels in Ireland with a kennel mate. At rising nine the well had run dry and luckily they were spotted by someone with compassion. Rainbow knows nothing of home life but still has a few years left to get to grips with it. Just an old lady who has done nothing to deserve this. Endova Rainbow dob 3.10.2004 A forgotten athlete the moment her owner turned the ignition.


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Most people’s Saturday evenings would be spent having a meal with friends, or going out, maybe just sitting in the garden having a beer or two.

Bet you can’t guess where i was??

On a gypsy camp in be fair, they hadn’t had the dogs long enough to get them in this state…that’s down to their previous owner who tells me he has given up racing.. I hope that he has.

I have never in 15 years seen fleas this bad. This is the boy…the girl was as bad…they also had with them their daughter, 10 months old, a little cracker and i have their son already here from Gavin ( Leeds Dog Warden ) who i might add wouldn’t put him in his van as they were the worst fleas he had ever seen.

No these are the worst i have ever seen. They are that bad that after two baths they are still outside in a run…hopefully today they can come into the kennels.

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I haven’t got a name yet. I am 8yrs old. I had been living rough for at least four months when the dog warden Gavin, first found out about me. I think it’s probably much longer though. I was near a park in Middleton, Leeds. I don’t know why i never moved on, or maybe i do but i just don’t know how to tell you.

No one could catch me, terrified you see. Anyhow Gavin and his friends, i knew they were his friends cos they wore the same clothes, came nearly every day to feed me. They never saw me eating, i had to wait until they left. I have sleeping somewhere safe, but it was cold and filthy. But to be honest i was getting very tired, my feet were so sore i didn’t think i could keep running much longer.

Thursday came and Gavin brought with him a dog cage….why the hell didn’t he bring it before? I didn’t know he wanted to keep me safe. 20mins, a lump of steak and i was in it. Safe at last…..or so i thought….

A trip to the vets and then i was given to a woman with a white van in Ikea car park of all places!

You’re not coming into my kennels looking like that she said….

A swift drive and i was deposited in a barn and given a bath. The muck hasn’t come out though. I’m still filthy…Food and bed, my very own kennel and a lovely quilt. I am grounded now, but to be honest i don’t care, i’m going to sleep. Not whilst they are watching though…

The woman who is the only one who can come in and see me at the moment, in case i escape, has vowed to find out where i have come from. Do you know, i think she just might….My name? I’ll let you know…

ps…..thanks Gavin…


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