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The Racing Industry News Page is here to highlight examples of the level of compassion and care toward racing greyhounds provided by the Racing Industry.

This is Sue Lee, d.o.b. 11.5.2005. She isn’t a Tia dog.

sue leesue-lee1-640x480

Sue Lee - born : 11/05/2005 - Female - A racing breeding machine. Found straying in Burnley - Condition Awful, running sores and in milk.

She looks like this.

Sue Lee

I think you will agree that the lady is a credit to her connections. Way to go girl, have a happy life.


Sue was picked up in Burnley near a notoriously rough area, running with milk and covered with sores. Her mouth is a disgrace. She raced at Pelaw Grange and her racing career seems to have terminated in a very rough race, anyway Sue ended up in Ireland destined for a career as a breeding machine. We have discovered that Sue has had six registered litters, seven if you count the one she has just carried, although this almost certainly was a bull lurcher’s. Churning out freeadd fodder for Neanderthals.

Average of 8 – 10 per litter, you do the math!

Everyone wanted a slice of Sue Lee to begin with, doubly unlucky in that she was well connected and owned by a dreamer who wanted to play God. Something to earn himself bragging rights on the forums. Her first husband was top sire Droopys Kewell, her second Ballymac Maeve. Both top top dogs. Unfortunately when her own offspring hit the track it became obvious she hadn’t passed on her genes and top sires need top bitches. That is how the business works. Her last visit to the breeding pens was last winter with a stud dog who covered well bred bitches for free . He too was in trouble!

We now know how she ended up in Burnley. She was given away to a known dog dealer once they couldn’t wring any more brass out of her ovaries. The well had run dry. We also know that at 8 years old she can’t give anymore or take it for that matter. She will be speyed and quietly become an anonymous pet away from the sort of people who want just one more throw of the dice. Some rescues would love to get their hands on her for the publicity alone. Perhaps they should question their own motives. For God sake let her be.

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For years now I have called the RGT the new RSPCA.

For the past three years i have been too busy with the shops and the staff to tell you all what is really going on, and what we have to deal with on a daily basis. I hope that now Tia has enough good, honest and reliable people in place, for me to return back to my job.

The Retired Greyhound Trust (Wolverhampton ) had a news article on their website on 29th September 2013 which explained their views on what to do if a greyhound kills a cat.
One of the options was to kill the greyhound.
This article has since been removed at the request of their head office.

Click here to see a pdf file of a screen grab of the article prior to its deletion.

This is for starters…

If a Tia dog kills a cat.

1. You will get a bollocking for putting the dog in that position.

2. The dog will need antibiotics asap.

3. If you no longer want the dog, he/she will be returned to the kennels and rehomed with someone who won’t put the dog in that position again.

Greyhounds from an early age are trained to chase things. If they aren’t interested they will be given a “kill” to keen them up.

This could be anything, generally a rabbit, chicken or guinea pig. They like guinea pigs cos they squeak. Ever wonder why they hit the “red zone” with squeaky toys….Advice from Tia….Don’t give them squeaky toys as it reinforces their racing past….

I have been contacted by the RGT who say that this isn’t their policy. They don’t know where this information has come from…….the truth will out…

RGT update Yes they have been in touch….a PR exercise at the very least… To cut a long story short the dogs that killed the cat are at a different branch in the North East being assessed. Let’s hope they have the sense to not show them another cat. Which i may add, they have lived with for 6 months before they forgot themselves… They shouldn’t have been put in that position. They also denied that what was written isn’t their policy..What is it then? Deb


Hi Deb ,just read your latest news item regarding R.G.T. I am totally shocked at what I read , their policy on return of rehomed dogs , some maybe put to sleep for just following a natural instinct . Any sight hounds instinct is to chase and kill ,whether it be brought up and trained to do that or just brought up as a pet and never trained in that way . As you know we had Tia from a very young age and she wasn’t trained to race or hunt just an everyday pet dog ,but the chase and kill instinct is still there. We have 2 cats which she tolerates but if she got hold of a cat outside it would be a dead one .people who take on a sight hound have to be vigilant at all times because the chase and kill instinct is always there . Putting a dog to sleep for following its natural instinct is outrageous . It’s the same old story bad owners .greyhounds and lurches make the most wonderful pets ( with a bit of extra care taken ), and I’m sure people who have adopted them wouldn’t have any other breed of dog after having them . It’s just a terrible shame that all the people in the animal rescue business aren’t in it for the absolute love of animals like you , and not to make money out of it . Regards Linda

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Tia is circling the wagons at the moment what with our sick dogs and a wobbling industry. Nothing give us more pleasure than to hear from some of our former guests enjoying their lives with their new families. Little Pixie is the poor girl featured in our “A tale of two bitches” article.

After a disastrous rehoming via her trainer, Pixie and another dog arrived at Tia in a dreadful state. Pixie had really severe mange. As you can see Pixie has made up for lost time and looks scrumptious.

Way to go girl!

Pixie 2

Hi Debs
Pixie enjoying herself on the beach, she went in the sea and swam with two Labradors .
We were stopped so many times people asking question over Pixie and Tyke, they were famous for playing together on the beach.
Pat & Andrew


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The day being 11 September 2013

Joburg was found straying in Barnsley. Sever diarrhea but we think he will be OK.
Joburg, although bred for racing, has never raced. You will be beautiful again very soon.

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With apologies to Charles Dickens

Two young ex racers crossed our threshold on the same day in July. Both beautiful, nice natured and the sort that find a home quickly. Natalia was reserved within a couple of days, her spey booked and her future safeguarded with a new family. Natalia had been gifted to us via her trainer, who kept her safe in his kennels after her career had finished until a space became available. Her trainer presented her to us in lovely condition together with her passport and a donation for our funds. Repeat business.

Wentworth Major is an entirely different story. Arguably the more exquisite of the two, Maggie is a small silver brindle who won’t be going anywhere for a while. Her trainer gave her away on the internet with the inevitable consequences. The family tried to return her and were directed towards us. We collected a mange infected filthy girl who needed two baths to rid her of her fleas. As we are not in the habit of re-homing animals in that condition, Tia has to incur further expenditure before Maggie can go to her new home. We are also a kennel space down until such time arrives.

Maggie got off lightly. She could have easily spent the next few years churning out designer bull lurchers. There is a worse scenario and this article is no place for the stomach churning details of a dog fighting ring. There are printouts of known offenders in most stray kennels as a safeguard. Some of our long term supporters may remember the horrific injuries of Altofts Dance, our beloved Jeremy. There have been others since.

Our dogs have always been roughly 50/50 strays/donations. We are seeing more and more of these internet add victims and dealing with the inevitable fallout. Nor do we understand why some trainers are perfectly happy to rid themselves of a dog in this manner when they are well aware of the possible repercussions. Why don’t they just call us?. It may take a little while for a space to become available but at least their dog’s name won’t end up all over the internet for the wrong reasons with their own reputation in tatters.

Tia will be naming these dogs in future with the background to their rescue. If it means even one less Wentworth Major, it will be worth it.

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Run Around Paul

Run Around Paul

Runaround Paul and Wentworth Major were given away to an unsuitable family. You already know the story only the name changes. Once the novelty wore off, they tried to reurn them to the trainer. No dice.

“Ring Tia”, so they did.

This is what Tia collected last week. Paul has been on four meals a day ever since and has improved a little. He is scabby, skinny and his nerves are shattered, constantly looking for food. Both were crawling with fleas. Wentworth Major has mange but has more meat on her. Neither will be going anywhere for a while.

Don’t give your dogs away, ring us. It may take a little while for a space to become available, but at least they won’t end up all over the internet for the wrong reasons.

runaround paul 018



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