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The Racing Industry News Page is here to highlight examples of the level of compassion and care toward racing greyhounds provided by the Racing Industry.

Since the beginning of the year i have taken 16 dogs direct from the failing, now closed, Ellesmere Port flapping track.

Only 4 of these dogs were chipped to the Greyhound Board of Great Britain.

The rest of the dogs were chipped to private individuals who race their dogs on the flapping tracks.

Therefore, three quarters of these dogs have no protection from the racing industry. They won’t go through the registered tracks rehoming schemes, which are woefully in adequate.

That’s where Tia and other independent rescues come in. We have no funding from the racing industry. We don’t fundraise every race night at the tracks. ( That is another news article coming soon. Where does that money go?? )

Some of the owners aren’t bothered, they just need to get rid as cheaply as possible.

16 dogs came from Ellesmere Port. They did give me £200 for the first 2 dogs.

They did take a dog in from an owner, promising the dog was going to rescue. He did and has since been rehomed. They did pocket the £100 that the owner gave them to pass to Tia.

So on my calculation £200 divided by 15 dogs….£13.33

That is all they are worth £13.33

Well to you excuse for human beings anyway….to most normal folk they are priceless….Deb

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Hi everyone,

Have I had a day and a half!

On Monday afternoon my new dad took me for a walk in Middleton Woods. He led me off the path and just tied me to a tree and walked away. I couldn’t believe he wasn’t coming back and I panicked and cried for hours. He had tied me so close that I couldn’t move and as I struggled I got more and more upset.

I was so afraid when out of nowhere a lady and her dogs appeared. Boy was I glad to see them.


Longways Lady (Now called Kate)

The lady tried to get me free but the knots were so tight and her dogs were also frantic. To my horror the lady and her dogs ran away and I really freaked out. It was nearly dark when she reappeared with her husband who cut the knots with his knife. They took me home and I drank and drank the nice clean water. My tea didn’t touch the sides either.

I was a bit calmer in the morning and the lady took me to the PDSA. The nice vet checked me over and rang this place and Debs came and fetched me right away.

I’m alright I suppose, bit shaken and I am lame on my back right foot and covered in white paint.

I am to be called Kate because of  Middleton woods.

My old trainer is going to tell her who he sold me to. Well that’s what he said on Tuesday….he still hasn’t rung. Shame, I really thought he cared about me…



Longways Lady dob  1.9.11

Tia and Kate would like to thank the family who saved her from such distress and didn’t turn away. The end result might have been very different had they done so. A few more hours and Kate would have collapsed with exhaustion and hung herself. We could do with a few more people like them. Thanks also to the PDSA for calling us.
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That Bitch

“I gotta grand in that bitch, LOL”

That is what we read on a forum that night. “That bitch” appeared on our radar last back end. A little black greyhound was found running scared in a wood near Doncaster. Her escape was all over the social media and when captured her owner bragged that she wouldn’t be let out again until she had produced her pups. Luckily her tattoos had been forwarded to us and we were able to identify her and contact her registered owner.


“That bitch” last ran at Peterborough on February 23rd 2013. She crossed the line in first place but was disqualified immediately for fighting. At some point she was given away and ended up in a shed in South Yorkshire. Unable to help her without resorting to illegal means, we were forced to bide our time although we never lost track of her.


Two weeks ago, we got the expected call from the stray kennel. We knew immediately. Obviously having lined his wallet, her owner had no further use for her and Swinging Montana was found in the same area that Matilda and Alice were discovered straying. We guess you know what’s coming next.


Here is that bitch…..

swinging montana

And this is what he put over her as they say in the breeding industry. His own bull lurcher.

bull x


We rang her previous owner to let her know she was safe. She didn’t give a damn…”It wasn’t my fault, the GBGB said I’ve done nothing wrong” She had simply given her away. That’s OK then.

Any greyhound lovers with a smidgeon of faith left please pray that another greyhound doesn’t fall into this son of a bitch’s hands. Meanwhile we are after a name for her. A real one.He didn’t even bother to do that. Welcome to Tia young lady.

Swinging Montana dob April 2011


Miley – brilliant suggestion thanks. She is feeling much better and tucked in with one of our handsome sponsor dogs. Looking much brighter already.


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The Fourth Estate wont be camping out in the yard awaiting the latest update though perhaps they would be of more use if they did. Kate was given away on Freeadds to a woman who dumped her with a friend while she went on holiday. Shirley Valentine acquired the taste for the open road and decided she wanted to go traveling. Find herself! Her long suffering and decent friend was told to return Kate to her trainer. Her friend refused point blank and brought her to us for safety.

Princess’s background? Here is your starter for ten.

Ciarans Socks, The Hark, Murphs Dog, Bawnfune Mal, Bandicoot Juno, Ski Bunny and there would have been four others had we not liaised directly with her trainer. One volunteer resorted to downright dishonesty to ensure a dog’s safe passage. Three weeks ago he told us “from now on you can rehome all my dogs” .

Kate ran her guts out mainly at Sheffield and Belle Vue, winning 20 races from 134, no doubt saving his bacon many times. Racing is a very brief career if you can’t perform when the money’s down and Kate is nearly 7. She trailed in last in her final race back in September 2012.

She is bewildered and depressed.

Still a princess though.

Princess Kate dob 7.11.2006

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Well just look at me will you. Shortlisted for Mr December 2014. Guess where I am? This place is great, why on earth didn’t you bring me here straight away. Must be over 100 dogs here and loads of old friends like Greylag Ruby. Boy, is she still wired to the moon! She send her regards to all of her trainers (Yeah we’ll sort out the mess lads) . It is a bit like Racers Reunited.

Oh and you know that couple you homed me with, well they split up and I went with the bloke. Things went wrong last week and I was picked up straying in Bradford. The Dog Wardens don’t work at the weekend but a kind lady caught me and took me to a vet for safety and then followed it up with a call to Tia the next morning. I was released into Tia’s custody within hours and the couple were contacted via my chip details. They haven’t been back in touch so I guess that’s that. Moved on!

I am in great shape though apart from my swollen paws and the bite to my chest. Pity really as Tia likes to put pictures of its hat rack strays up on the website as it earns them lots of money. Tomorrow I am going on the Wall of Shame. Not sure what it is but it does put the fear of God in some people. I’ll sign your name on it with my pencil! Well, must go, please give my love to the guys, though I suspect that I shall meet some of them before too long, one way or another.


Rockchase Ryves dob 4.7.2008

Winner of A2 owners bonus series 2011. Suffered a serious leg injury which could have cost him his life. Very fast dog and winner of 17 of his 81 races . mainly at Kinsley. Found in Bradford on 18.11.2013 Un -neutered.
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As you know, we are not anti-racing, we just take offense at the way the industry disregards the welfare of these lovely dogs.  Things aren’t improving, 50% of the dogs that end up in Tia still come to us via the stray kennels, having been found on the streets.  Not a very good advert for the racing industry and we constantly strive to increase the percentage of dogs brought to us by their caring owners and trainers.

So you can imagine what a pleasant surprise it was to be invited to meet the committee of the trainers and owners association of Kinsley dog track on Saturday night with a view to formalising a process for Tia to take the Kinsley dogs for re-homing.

Well….what can I tell you.  The meeting started off ok with the current re-homing process being outlined.  Kinsley dogs currently go down to Fen Bank fully vet checked so that they are in excellent condition complete with coat and collar and lead.  Kinsley owners and trainers “had to be seen” to be meeting the welfare regulations set out by the industry.  I can only imagine that Fen Bank must have some lovely dogs, albeit very few for the limited space they have.  A little different to some of the strays that come in flea ridden, starving, injured…you name it, we’ve seen it.

Then the fun started…John Curran owns Kinsley track and didn’t really have to be at the meeting but felt it necessary to put his views across.  In his opinion, Tia could only take Kinsley dogs with funding if we agreed to exclude any stray Kinsley dogs from the wall of shame.  Could it be that Mr Curran wants the truth withheld?  All the information on the Wall of Shame is factual.  If a stray comes in to us we can research the information and whatever track the dog is registered with gets put on there.  A responsible track owner would surely want to know where dogs are being inappropriately re-homed and deal strongly with the trainer or owner to find out why the dog has ended up in this position…not Mr Curran…Responsible actions don’t make money do they.  He went on to say that we love putting stray cases on our website because it brings money into Tia.  Yes Mr Curran, as you can see, we are rolling in it, but I certainly don’t mean money, I mean the big pile of shit that your industry leaves behind.

Needless to say, the meeting ended with only one certainty…Tia will continue to tell the story of all the stray dogs that find their way to us and their information will most certainty be added to the Wall of Shame, wherever they come from.  We simply won’t negotiate on something so important.

Thank you to those trainers (and others) at the meeting who genuinely want to see a change…you are in the best position to make it happen.

Finally, any trainer or owner from Kinsley or any other track who want to bring their dogs to us where they will be looked after and given the best are welcome to contact us and be put on our waiting list.  Why not come and view our kennels and see where your dogs end up.



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