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The Racing Industry News Page is here to highlight examples of the level of compassion and care toward racing greyhounds provided by the Racing Industry.

We are doing really well rehoming and have done all year, I hope it continues.

We have rehomed about 140 dogs already this year. The dogs come from all over the country from different tracks, owners, trainers and stray kennels.

It was only last November when the part owner of Kinsley stadium threw a hissy fit and stormed out of  his own bar, shouting “under no circumstances do any Kinsley trainers take their dogs to Tia Rescue”

Well so far we have rehomed 19 Kinsley dogs and have another 17 here waiting in the kennels….

I wonder how many they have actually sent to their designated rescue……….5

And where does all that money go that you raise for their retirement.  What is it,  35k or 40k?



Since this article was publlshed in June another 4 greyhounds have been taken into their designated rescue and Kinsley stadium have come to an arrangement with the RGT.

The RGT have agreed to take 60 dogs a year from Kinsley.

On average that’s just over 1 dog a week.

It’s a shame that the problem had to be highlighted in the first place. Deb


UPDATE  December 2014

SInce this article was published in June, some of the trainers are now actually too scared to bring their dogs in to Tia. Some are sneaking them in, hoping the track owner won’t find out and some are ignoring him completely and bringing their dogs in regardless.   Yes Really…

The genuine owners are bringing their dogs here and paying for their  retirement……Something just struck me the other day, sorry guys not a hard object…

Here’s the thing….

When you buy a raffle ticket at the track, you are indeed helping with a greyhounds retirement.

Hopefully the same greyhound will make it into a homing scheme.

So does the owner pay for the greyhound to go into a homing scheme out of their own pocket? Or do you pay for the greyhound to go into a homing scheme with your donations?

If it is the owner, where does the money go that you have given?

If it is what you have given, that means the owner doesn’t have to pay…Win. Win…for the tracks retirement fund anyway….




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Debate on Greyhound Welfare – 17/12/2014 – Westminster Hall
I find it suprising when we are told how much greyhound racing makes for the country that so little is used to help the greyhounds during and after their racing lives. Debbie S


Have listened and all it does is show the total ignorance of them about the numbers and welfare all they do is praise the 2 organisations that are in cahoots with the bookies ie GBGB and RGT when will they listen to the real greyhound rescues and campaingers never is the answer to that one.. Philip G
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An article appeared in the Independent Newspaper (online version) on Sunday 26th October 2014 written by Rosamund Unwin


Below are some of the key points… click the above link to read the article in full.


A new report says that self-regulation is not working


Every year, one in eight greyhounds “disappears” at the end of its racing career, with some dogs being sold for research and dissection, a leading animal welfare charity claims.


A report to be published this week reveals that some unwanted greyhounds were sold to a university which slaughtered them and used them to teach anatomy to veterinary students.


The majority of former racing dogs are rehomed by the Retired Greyhound Trust, which is part-funded by the racing industry and independent charities, or directly by owners and trainers. However, while the GBGB said the industry was “striving to ensure that no greyhound is unnecessarily put down once its racing career is over”, its retirement form includes the category “injury not treated on economic grounds” as a reason to euthanise a dog.


The charity is launching its report on Tuesday at the House of Commons and is calling for independent scrutiny of the industry, alongside the tracking of dogs from “cradle to grave”.

“We are releasing this report as self-regulation of the industry hasn’t worked,” said Michael Stephenson, director of campaigns at the LACS. “They had their chance and they have failed. We think the industry needs proper scrutiny. The public are completely unaware of what happens behind the scenes – it is an industry shrouded in secrecy.”

In 2006, there was a national outcry over the treatment of racing greyhounds after The Sunday Times reported that more than 10,000 healthy greyhounds had been shot and buried in a mass grave in County Durham over a period of 15 years.

This prompted two inquiries: the cross-party Associate Parliamentary Group for Animal Welfare, which called for an independent regulator, and one by the greyhound industry, chaired by Lord Donoughue of Ashton. The Government accepted Lord Donoughue’s view that the industry could self-regulate.

Lord Donoughue told The Independent on Sunday that conditions had improved since 2006. “More could have been done, but in a difficult industry, progress has been made,” he said.


The LACS is also concerned at the conditions in which some greyhounds are being kept during their racing careers. Many are now being kept at off-track kennels and are only let out of for short periods.

A spokesman for the GBGB said: “No registered greyhounds are unaccounted for. However, we do not make public all the data we have pertaining to them.” He added that “non-chasers” were rare and “usually detected before registration”, which would mean they do not come under the GBGB’s care.

Defending self-regulation, the spokesman said they worked with animal welfare groups such as the Dog’s Trust and the RSPCA to “improve welfare standards”.

Whilst not anti greyhound racing – Tia Rescue has strong views on how the racing industry treat the greyhounds when they no longer race.
And this article is good example of the concerns we have.
We are sure the GBGB would welcome any comments you would like to make, if it would help or assist them improve the industry 
(Click here to visit their webspage).
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I seem to have caused a lot of trouble……Don’t care…..i’m in a home now….

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Came over from Ireland three weeks ago to begin new career on the flapping track.

First trial!

First bend!

A very steep learning curve!

Guess you could call it a life changing lesson.


Trip to Malton

dob 2.7.2012


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This item originates from the Greyt Exploitations Facebook page published 5th August 2014


A cloak of secrecy appears to be covering up the whereabouts of funds raised for retired greyhounds at Kinsley dog track.

Despite the track raising more than £35,000 for retired greyhounds this year – their designated homing scheme (independent) has only taken in 5 dogs and according to the track’s website – they have had no dogs for homing since 22nd November 2010.
By comparison Tia – who receive no funding from the industry – have homed 19 Kinsley greyhounds this year with another 17 waiting in kennels.
Bizarrely Clarissa Baldwin – retired CEO of the Dogs Trust – recently praised the track’s joint owner – John Curran – claiming he was “one key player who seems to understand it is better to open and work with us”

Update 6th September 2014 A quick check of the Kinsley Dogs Website still shows there are no dogs available for re homing and the page was last updated in November 2010
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