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The Racing Industry News Page is here to highlight examples of the level of compassion and care toward racing greyhounds provided by the Racing Industry.


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What i didn’t expect when I went to Askern last Wednesday to pick up the pup and his mom, was a group of suits getting out of a taxi.

It transpired that they were MP’s.

What they didn’t expect was me.

Deb; ” Hi who are you lot then?”

Neil Parish; ” We’re from Parliament”

Deb; ” Oh is it you whose lost my submission.”

Neil Parish; ” Oh, who are you?”

Deb;” Deb from Tia”

Startled young man, (sorry I don’t know your name)     ROTHERY?

Deb; “Yes”

Neil Parish after nearly falling backwards over the wall, went onto explain that they have now received it and will publish it. They had it before…

Anyhow to cut a long story short, we had a talk, Neil Parish, Simon Hart and Dr Paul (lovely accent) Monaghan…They asked how Tia made money,  begging and charity shops and more begging.

I also told them I firmly believed that they want rid of all independent tracks and that they just want there 6 or 8 super tracks….Then there will be no need for independent rescues and no one to high light the welfare problem….

The dogs will all then be under the control of the racing industry, the RGT will cherry pick the best dogs to rehome. The rest will be killed. And there will be no need for silly little dog women like me…It’s always a mistake that…..

It’s then that he smirked. He didn’t want to be any where near me and was only hovering to hear what was being said.

Smirked…..Jim Fitzpatrick….How rude…

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One of the main reasons for the move here was to get the dogs before they are disposed of.

Today I went to Askern, one of the local independent tracks. I have no problem with Askern. I don’t know why I chose today, but when I got there it was a massive meeting. 16 races.

I put word out that I was there, not that I needed to and that I had room for some bitches and a couple of dogs…

Here they are, in the nick of time….The first 3 black ones are two brothers and one sister to Many Memories ( Annie ) the same litter.

They all came from a trainer in the North East who has recently had her license taken off her for drugging her dogs. They were all sold to Askern about 6 months ago. They are all registered with the GBGB but were no good and were passed on for flapping. They are all useless at racing…

The black boy and the brindle boy were at the track too, in the kennels…Finished…

So that was my afternoon….obviously I didn’t have room for them, but some serious re shuffling. Blythe relocated into the garage and there you have it.

All flead and wormed….discovered sausages…and off to bed they go with a new life in front of them……


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Most of you won’t have seen this….I think it’s brilliant…..Deb


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The Greyhound Industry:

Don’t bet on fair treatment


Dogs Trust Image

The Welfare of Racing Greyhound Regulations (2010) were brought in after huge pressure from charities, MPs, media and the public to ensure that the industry ‘cleaned up its act’ and that the welfare of the dogs involved was better protected.  However, at the time, Dogs Trust and others, warned that the regulations did not go far enough to address welfare concerns, particularly as the regulations focused on self-regulation of the industry on only one aspect - the track.  Five years on, we are now absolutely adamant that the regulations and the Greyhound Board of Great Britain are failing to deliver the improvements that we need to happen if all Greyhounds are to be protected.

The regulations
have failed to deliver
the improvements
required to protect racing
Greyhounds from
cradle to grave.

… the scope of the
regulations only
covers the welfare of
Greyhounds when
they are racing at a
track, where they
spend less than
10% of their time.

… there is a clear
need for an
monitored inspection scheme
and legislation to be brought
in to cover the conditions
in which Greyhounds are
housed in ‘off
track’ kennels…

A detailed report of the Dogs Trust Investigation is available in pdf format.

Click Here to to read the full report.

Conditions in at
least three of the
trainers’ kennels
would, in the opinion of
the investigators, severely
breach both GBGB minimum
standards Rule 212 and
CIEH Guidance on Animal
Boarding Establishments Act

…… This trainer knew every dog by name and could give in depth details about their racing careers and their
medical history. …………He raised concerns that he
believed the majority of breeders and sellers from Ireland did not have the dogs’ best interests at heart

The majority of dogs were deemed to be in good health however, serious concerns were raised regarding
potential cross contamination between dogs and humans due to lapsed hygiene. There were also concerns
over the kennel’s inadequate firefighting equipment

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Dark side of Greyhound Racing Investigation by BBC Panorama full Documentary 2014


The integrity of greyhound racing has been called into question by a Panorama investigation which has exposed blatant cheating and the drugging of dogs at the heart of the sport.
The undercover investigation caught a trainer revealing how he dopes greyhounds in order to effect betting coups – some of which he claims to have paid out up to £150,000.
The programme’s findings have prompted animal welfare campaigners to call for the government to reconsider the sport’s self-regulatory status.


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