Pimm is back…he has his own page under the news section… Yeah!!!

We are also selling his books on Ebay as stocking fillers. Yes, it’s that time of year..

We also have Xmas cards on there and the calendars will be listed on Friday..


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With Christmas shopping in mind please turn your online shopping into donations for Tia Rescue.
Did you know that every time you buy something online you could be raising money for Tia?
That’s right, over 2,700 well known retailers, including Amazon, John Lewis, eBay and Tesco will donate a small percentage of what you spend to Tia to say thank you for shopping with them.
Just visit http://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/tiagreyhounds and follow the simple steps to sign up.
Supporters have already raised over £5,300 for Tia so what are you waiting for? Already registered? Please spread the word to family and friends to let them know just how easy it is!
Thank you.


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Tkea, Rosemary and Scotty have all gone home. Be good and don’t come back. Especially you big lad..


Scotty (2)Rosemary

Besides we have already rented your rooms!

new dogs

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Hi Deb
Thought I’d write about Lady and give an update on Jess (as was Kate ‘Middleton’)
We came to Tia just over five years ago when we had lost our whippet Jack.  Tia had been recommended to us by a few people so we came up and took home Lady and Robbie.  Unfortunately, after blood tests and ultrasound scans, Lady was diagnosed with a tumour on her spleen and liver and on 1 October 2014 at the age of nine, we had to make the heart breaking decision to let her go.  This is Lady on her last holiday to Northumberland at the beginning of September (at least she had a nice holiday and ice creams!)
and her and Robbie doing what greyhounds should do – enjoying running – on holiday in Pembrokeshire two years ago.
lady robbie
We didn’t want Robbie to pine and be on his own while we are at work, so after calling and checking if it was ok to come up with him, on Saturday 4 October, we came up to the kennels with Robbie to take him on his first blind date.  We do not know how you do it Deb, but the very pretty, loving little girl you brought out, Kate, was an instant hit.  We have renamed her Jess (or Jessica when she tries to steal food!) She has settled in brilliantly and keeps us on our toes.  She stole my cheerios this week and I had to laugh at her trying to eat them all up from the floor before I could stop her!  Judging by the pictures below, we think her and Robbie are friends and that she has chilled out!
kate robbie
Thank you from Karen, Steve, Robbie and Jess, and in memory of Lady (Crown Spark) x
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Hi Deb,

Chester1 small

We said goodbye to Chester this morning, his back legs had gone and he was in pain.
We came to see you in May 2006 with Ellie, our greyhound that we had got from you a year earlier. and you suggested Denzil as he was named  then.
Chester was a star and a gentleman and he made us smile every day.  He loved pizza, curry and beer!!! One of the boys.!!  He was blind in one eye, partially sighted in the other,had few teeth left and a deformed claw.  But he was perfect to us.  Given his “disabilities” he managed perfectly well, using Ellie as his guide.
We will miss him dearly but we will treasure the memories of the time he spent with us.This picture was taken last Tuesday when he managed to get into the garden and enjoy the sunshine.
Thanks for allowing us to adopt Chester, he had a great life and we had lots of fun with him.
Keep up the good work
Nick, Alison, Thomas, Matthew and Ellie.xx
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Last night I worked your shift. The shift you were morally obligated to finish when you took that pedigree whippet puppy home, nearly fifteen years ago. Having watched over Pip for the last few months of his life I know why you became fed up with him. His heart stopping ability to disappear like quicksilver in the cracks when you thought he was behind you, his total lack of recognition for anyone or his surroundings must have tried your patience sorely. These traits were part of his dementia and it was your job to do the right thing by him. Not the stray kennels who pulled out all the stops and called us immediately, not Tia who made a special trip to get him here nor me who gave him a soft place to fall. You!


Pip had a groundhog day existence, failing to recognise me or his new home from one minute to the next. The fact that he wouldn’t have known who the hell you were anyway had you walked through the door, served him in good stead. I spoilt him rotten for the little time left and feel privileged to have played a part in his final days which were filled with chicken, sleep and pottering. As his eyesight failed completely he stuck to me like glue. I moved. Pip moved.

Back to last night. Pip started moving around two o’clock. I held him and he then suffered a series of strokes. His cries were eerily like that of a baby. By daybreak he had rallied and I thought there might be a chance for him. However a single massive stroke left me in no doubt that it was time. I would like to thank his vet Katie and her assistant for the warmth and compassion shown to both Pip and myself. All over. You saved yourself £60 by the way. Take the missus out. Choke on it.

The cottage seems strangely empty given that he took up so little space. The bedding is in the drier and the bowls washed and put away ready for the next call from the kennels. I am glad I knew him, but I would have given anything for just one wag of his tail in recognition. Once would have been enough.

Sleep little Pip.

pip (1) (1)



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