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Tia Hounds go to School

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Sold the Farm


As most of you will know we have tried our best at the top of this hill, but we have always known that if we are in a more accessible location, then we would rehome more dogs.

We have now sold Moorside and are on with securing a much better/bigger farm where we can reach our full potential.

It is early days yet and we are in the hands of solicitors/planners and the bank…..I am hopeful that it will all go through ok, but you never know.
So until we have signed on the dotted line there is no point saying much else…..Other than…Please keep your fingers crossed……Deb

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Came over from Ireland three weeks ago to begin new career on the flapping track.

First trial!

First bend!

A very steep learning curve!

Guess you could call it a life changing lesson.


Trip to Malton

dob 2.7.2012


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Since the beginning of the year i have taken 16 dogs direct from the failing, now closed, Ellesmere Port flapping track.

Only 4 of these dogs were chipped to the Greyhound Board of Great Britain.

The rest of the dogs were chipped to private individuals who race their dogs on the flapping tracks.

Therefore, three quarters of these dogs have no protection from the racing industry. They won’t go through the registered tracks rehoming schemes, which are woefully in adequate.

That’s where Tia and other independent rescues come in. We have no funding from the racing industry. We don’t fundraise every race night at the tracks. ( That is another news article coming soon. Where does that money go?? )

Some of the owners aren’t bothered, they just need to get rid as cheaply as possible.

16 dogs came from Ellesmere Port. They did give me £200 for the first 2 dogs.

They did take a dog in from an owner, promising the dog was going to rescue. He did and has since been rehomed. They did pocket the £100 that the owner gave them to pass to Tia.

So on my calculation £200 divided by 15 dogs….£13.33

That is all they are worth £13.33

Well to you excuse for human beings anyway….to most normal folk they are priceless….Deb

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