Eugene (4)Eugene (3)EugeneEugene (5)Any ideas where this dog has been for the past 8 years. In a home…Yes really..

When i got the call wanting to bring him back in she really didn’t care..He has to be gone in a week and a half, i’m moving into rented. I want him to go into a foster home, he’s too old for kennels.

What i really, really hate are people who dump older dogs and it doesn’t matter what her “reasons” are. It is still the same thing.

What i wasn’t prepared for was the state of the poor dog…

You should be absolutely, ashamed of yourself……on more than one level……Deb

And the bag with his belongings in? It’s in the skip…

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Here are a few photo’s that show whats been going on over the last week or so….

Stables 1Stables 2

stables 3

The rubbish pile just kept growing.

The rubbish pile just kept growing.

One of the first jobs was to clean the stables of all kinds of dirt and debris.

Many hands made light work of the job.

Temporary Kennels

Temporary Kennels

New ‘temporary’ kennels where high on the list of jobs to do. Plans are in hand to have a new kennel block more suited to purpose.

(if any one has any spare 15mm ply hidden in their garage – suitable for making kennel beds – it would be most appreciated)


Office 1The room to be used to discuss re homing and things of that nature, needed a lick of paint… so two dedicated supporters of Tia quietly completed the task.

Just need carpet / carpet tiles to finish the job.

The old carpet had to be removed as it was so bad people were wiping their feet on the way out of the office.

Preparing the paddocks

Preparing the paddocks


 With 20+,horses to look after, the paddock’s had to be made ready to receive them.

( If only we had 100 meters of sturdy fencing the paddocks could be made so much more secure )

fields 2

Some of the fencing was able to be re used.

unloadingWhilst most of the kit that has been brought over from Moorside was unloaded by hand – some of it needed the help from one of Tia’s new neighbours.

And you thought borrowing the neighbours lawn mower was difficult.

The New CafeCafe 2This is the new cafe and Tia shop area.

The original shop fittings were stripped and abandoned prior to our arrival – most need to be disposed of.

entranceThis is the main entrance to the new Tia Rescue Centre.

The premises have numerous ‘brown’ signs indicating where it is from a few miles away.

Problem is they say “ Rural Pursuits Centre ” – this being its previous use.

The cost to replace these signs places them lower on the list than things needed doing connected directly to the welfare of the animals.

So until then – they will have to stay.

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It started off with the vet coming to vaccinate some of the horses…

The cute Exmoors dragged me aqua planing across the paddock. Megan was well impressed that i didn’t let go.

Mildred the mule punched me on the top of my head…..not impressed…

Then Megan forgot to tell me a car was coming, so i pulled out right in front of it……cheers Megan

Oh, and we have bought a bloody lovely farm in Doncaster……..

Tia Rescue, Mill Race Farm, Wroot Road, Finningley, Doncaster….

Anyone wanting to join us tonight at the Village in Sowerby Bridge for a curry, 7 for 7.30  just turn up…

Sunday morning all hands on deck……at the kennels at 9am…or at Mill Race about 1pm…lots of stuff to move..We have 5 weeks to vacate Moorside..

Hopefully we will do it quicker…….Deb & Bob


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Big and Beautiful


Shire Show 1

Shire Show 3

Shire Show 4

Shire Show 6

Shire Show 7

Shire Show 8

Shire Show 9

We had a great weekend at the Shire Horse Show….Seth was 5th in his class, senior gelding. It is his last year and he has done us proud.

Jasmin won Best Newcomer with him, it was a very strong class with 19 horses in. Well done Jasmin…

William came 8th in his class which was brilliant as five months ago he nearly killed himself in the stable…He scalped himself and fractured his skull. It has only just really healed…Thanks to our friend Craig who looked after him over the winter and gave him lots of tlc.

Without doubt the star of the show was Baby Norman…Not yet 2 yrs old, he came 8th in his class and won the trophy for Best Grey from all the greys at the show….

It is a mental weekend, thanks to everyone who came and helped…and to Keith and Pauline who manned the Tia stall…and obvioulsy to Jo and all my weekend girls who looked after the farm.

It is a good thing that Tia is doing and we couldn’t do it without all the support and people in the background who have over the years made Tia what it is. Thankyou massively….Deb

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I had forgot there were two 5 o’clocks in the day…

Good luck to Annie, Lily, Molly, Belle, Britney, Fizz, Nylah, Olive, Carla and Laurel who have all set off to a warmer life down south.

Thanks to Joe for transporting them and MASSIVE thanks to everyone at Hersham Hounds for helping us out, yet again…


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lurcherThis lovely lad is still in the vets in Doncaster. His break is healing well but they are happy to keep him there for a while.

If anyone is interested in him, please ring me. He is expected to make a full recovery and is only about a year old..Deb

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