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Hi Aunty Deb

Mum wanted us to send these photo’s of us together.  When we’re not play fighting we often have a lovely snuggle together.  We’ve also just been on holiday together to a lovely cottage in Derbyshire, we had our own private field to chase around in and went on lovely walks.  For me (Boris) it was my first holiday and first time in a pub, I was very well behaved, my mate Sally was a bit noisy at times as usual!
Mum wants to say she won’t be able to get over with sardines or sausages but she’s going to donate some money for Christmas treats for all the lovely dogs waiting for their forever homes.
Sending you and all the TIA helpers many sloppy kisses from us both.
Sally & Boris
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Hi Deb

1 year on (almost) and they are having a great life.  These pics were taken a couple of weeks ago at Gibraltar Point which is our nearest beach.  Lu can never go off the lead in public, however Wilson will focus 100% on his tennis ball – super dogs and we can’t imagine life without them….. THANK YOU! and have a Happy Christmas.
Lou-wilsonLou-Wilson (1)
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Morning Debs
Well Madam… Ms Elli Magpie Speedygonzales BW is showing her true beautiful colours in just a week..
Magpie … anything that you show interest in.. gone to her bed ( not hers Titanics.. poor boy is re located to Elli’s..) hidden and then a very innocent.. ” didn’t take nothing look”, whilst sitting on it..
Speedygonzales.. 0-200 mph round mums apartment at moments notice.. in love with Titan and follows him everywhere.. he’s an old loving grandpa to her. and loves her to bits in return.
Mum is pathetic.. the two of them cuddle most of the day in the recliner chair under a blanket with Titan watching at their feet in Elli’s bed as per the photos..
Titans legs are a bridge for Elli to run in and out of, hide in between when a wee bit nervous of new things/people..
Magnet.. I forgot that bit.. stopped everywhere we go.. admiration hugs.. coo’s…
How anyone could have not loved this absolute Gem is beyond us.. she is just gorgeous and her personality along with Titans is hilarious to watch..
Fur is growing back daily and got a nice little shine coming along.. Princess without a country and she knows it..
Thanks a billion for saving her.. you haven’t lost her.. just given her a forever home that you will always see throughout her life through us.
Another success story to add to your list , we are indebted to you all at Tia.
David, Cheri, Juan, Elli and Titanic xxxx


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I am 11yrs old and dying from bone cancer.

It hasn’t been a bad life. I was taken out of the pound when i was 6 months old. The Dog Warden, Faye found me a lovely home.

For a lot of the time i lived in Spain, bathing in the sunshine and jumping in the pool.

A while ago now things went really bad with my mom and dad and i was whisked back to England with my other two pals, both rescued dogs.

I don’t know why they dumped me. It would have been so much better if they had just taken me to the vets and said goodbye. They knew you see when they took me to Tia. They lied, said i had slipped that morning. I don’t know why they lied.

Fortunately the next day a lovely lady called Jo saw me and fell in love. Earlier that week she had lost her old lady to cancer so she had a greyhound shaped hole in her heart….

I have been with Jo a few weeks now…..Deb from Tia said she had never heard anyone swear as much as Jo when they both found out what my dad had done. That’s rich apparently?

I don’t know why they dumped me…………..Ron

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He hasn’t got long my beautiful big boy….cancer He should be 9yrs old in January…i doubt  he will see Xmas It is so sad…..Deb Leary

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In August Doris found her way into our lives…  Its fair to say our lives have changed for the better.


Doris is completely blind. At first we thought it was cataracts that could be dealt with by throwing money at it.. but having taken her to 3 vets we now know that she was probably born blind and there is nothing to be done to help her see.

Whilst having a blind dog comes with its own issues… the rewards are more than worth the extra effort.

A month ago Doris found a new soul mate – Paddy – a Bedlington Terrier that needed a new home urgently. We offered to foster, but within hours we decided that he was staying.

Paddy and Doris are now inseparable.

At the risk of falling into the trap of anthropomorphism, Paddy knows she is blind and despite being a terrier ( that refuses to be trained)  he responds to’ Fetch Doris’ whenever she strays too far when she goes running around the fields.

Both are very good at sneaking off for a quick power nap when no one is looking. (and this photo is not ‘staged’ – this is how they sleep !)



In 4 short months we have gone from ‘absolutely no more pets’ – ‘ we would loose our freedom’ – ‘ too much hassle’  to full time dog owners. 4 walks a day and house full of dog toys. And we love it.


The reason for this update ? – if you are sitting on the fence about adopting a Tia dog – take it from me its worth it. Make it happen. The probable outcome is that you will never regret having a Tia Greyhound or Lurcher and will be happy you made that call.

And even if it doesn’t quite work out – you know that Tia will always take the dog back and work hard to find a new forever home.


So give Tia a ring – 07974 960684 – between 10am and 5pm – you know you want to.


Steve & Alison


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