Hi Deb and all,
A few snaps of Dusty on her Hols in Norfolk!
She was a very good girl, as it was only 7 weeks since she left the kennels and leaving ‘home’ to go to another strange place, but she settled into the chalet very quickly. Still favouring going to lie on the bedroom floor, rather than in her basket or settee, much as she does at home. She is quite OCD with routines and when she sits where! She shook her way through the thunderstorm in the early hours of Wednesday, but that slightly put her on edge the next day and she very nearly slipped her collar, at a sudden clap of thunder, when we were in Lowestoft on Thursday afternoon. Thankfully, I managed to grab the collar, but it certainly put the wind up me, especially away from home. A harness is now ordered, to try and prevent anymore Houdini attempts! Dusty wasn’t too impressed with the sea, for paddling anyway, was quite happy to look at it and people/dog watch.
She is still quite nervous when in the outside world, especially of people approaching her, but slowly, slowly improving. She is a fabulous dog indoors and makes me laugh everyday, particularly her ‘mad 5 minutes’ she has every morning before it’s time to go out, grabbing anything, mats, throws, my pants(!) to fling about!!
I can see why she got named ‘Cracker’ at the kennels! LOL!
Love from Mary and Dusty xxxx


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Our old residents seem to go out more than we do!!!!!!


Hi Deb
Just a couple of holiday snaps from Lucy & Max. They’re not in the slightest concerned that me & Pete have to sit in the awning whilst they sprawl out on the comfy seats! The beach was empty last night so Max had a fabulous run round chasing his toy stick. Pity I didn’t take a camera. His recall is really good, without distractions! Lucy prefers a more sedate pace of life. We will hopefully make it to the Tia summer fair and will bring baking for the stall
Suzanne x


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Hi Debs,
It gives me great pleasure to tell you that former racing name Foxearthpeater, Tia name Gatsby, Now re – named Johnnydepp has settled wonderfully into his new home in Bingley. He has gained a few KG`s eating plenty of roast chicken and sardines and licking the cheesecakes when I am not looking and he is crazy for cheese. His coat is glossy and shiny and he seems to love me as much as I love him.
Many thanks for bringing us together I will post some photo`s  Tia`s timeline on facebook.
Kind Regards.
 Johnnydepp ( Gatsby) living 5* in Bingley -he knows how to play with his toys now !!!
the Great GatsbyWell cook something!
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Good afternoon, Deb
Thank you for your help and courtesy when we visited last Monday and collected Roman. He has turned out to be all we could have hoped for in a greyhound. In the week we have had him, he has yet to bark, has learned to go up and down stairs, has not attempted to sit on any furniture, is great on a lead, does all his business outside, has no interest in the cats and loves everybody! You really can’t beat a greyhound, can you?
Just a couple of photos of Roman, he’s not that good at posing yet!
Roman 002Roman 001
All the best,


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Not with those roly-poly hips!

Lola is a black whippet staffi cross who is coming back into the kennels this weekend. The ungrateful wretch has decided that she wants to be an only dog after all and have all the biscuits, all the snogs and all the kisses for herself. Understandably the elderly gentle resident greyhound shouldn’t have to put up with this attitude. The youth of today!

She came into Tia as a puppy and we would like her to find her home of choice quickly.

There is a video of Lola doing all sorts of obedient clever things which we will put up when we work out how to do it!

Please ring Debs for further info.



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We are re-opening the Halifax shop in about 2 weeks. You will not recognise it..

We have 18 months left on the lease and couldn’t secure another tenant, so we have decided to do it up and give it a final shot.

Hopefully with the Peice Hall opening it will be busier at that end of town…

We probably won’t be taking furniture unless you can get it to the shop…we won’t have the van over there on any sort of regular basis…

So please if you are having a sort out, get it to us….

Also we need it to work as we are desperate for the money for the kennel block for the oldies and sponsor dogs…



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