We have a bid for £500
If this can be beaten the £500 will be Donated. It has been donated, please bid higher £501 will do.
Please bid higher. Scroll down to the post.
£500 bid and donated, who can bid higher…..see Facebook page
Help for Tia Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue – my friend Matthew Holt is auctioning a greyhound resin head to help raise funds. Please see his post below. Thanks.
Hi everyone Tia Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue do some fabulous work in looking after and rehoming dogs, often with a troubled and tough past. They have a serious financial snag and to help a little I am ‘auctioning’ this Greyhound head figure – 28 cm high made from resin it’s a proud looking hound.
I’m keeping it simple just let me know if you want to bid and how much and the highest bid by Tuesday 10.00pm on here or the related Tia post (where this is copied) will then receive in the post the figure – p&p free (U.K. Only) once the figure is Received the winning bid should be paid direct to Tia using the details in the message below.
To be clear I am responsible for this auction not Tia – just seeing if we can help a little.20768131_10211646735098311_4739969057310821928_n

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I never wanted to be writing this but we have had a awful week and desperately need your help. We have been let down terribly and as a result are now facing a financial crisis which we have to address very very quickly. We are doing everything in our power to sort this out which is why I am asking for help.

I fell in love with greyhounds over twenty years ago and I started Tia in couple of sheds to give every dog I could the chance of a good and happy life, knowing love and feeling safe. Through your support we’ve managed to provide a safe place for many more greyhounds, horses and all the other animals that find their way to Tia re-homing about 280 greyhounds a year.

The thought that we may not be able to do this any longer if we can’t get through this is unbearable. The worry about every one of our animals has kept me awake this last awful week.

Tia supporters have been with us through thick and thin and I can’t thank you enough for all you do for us so I hate to ask for more but I don’t know what else to do.

What we need right now is money and we thank you for as little or as much as you can spare. There are a number of ways you can donate and these are shown below. Thank you. Deb

Donate through our web page by pressing the donation button at www.tia-rescue.org/help-us/
You will be able to pay by debit card, credit card or PayPal.

Send a text donation by texting DOGS00 to 70070 and adding £2, £4 or £10.

Pay directly into our bank account Tia Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue using sort code 60-09-27, account number 76587576.

Send us a cheque to us at Tia Rescue, Mill Race Farm, Wroot Road, Finningley, Doncaster. DN9 3DY.

There are also ways you can help secure our future going forward and all the details are on our website at www.tia-rescue.org/help-us/ These include sponsoring one of our permanent residents, buying a brick to help pay off our mortgage and securing a home for animals needing our care forever, taking part in our monthly Tia Lottery from as little as £1 a month with a chance of winning £250, setting up a regular standing order, buying all your online purchases through our Easyfundraising link or, the reason we’re here….to give a forever home to one of our beautiful dogs.

Thank you on behalf of all our Tia animals.

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Only two weeks until the Tia Summer Fair and Fun Dog Show. The trophies and rosettes have arrived. The Fun Dog Show will commence at 12.00. Entry to each class is £2 per entry. No preregistration necessary. Just pay your £2 on entering the show ring. First, second, and third places will be awarded for each class. First place in each class will be invited to be judged for ‘Best in Show’ and ‘Reserve Best in Show’ at the end. The following classes will be run:

Greyhounds/ Lurchers

1.       Prettiest Female (greyhounds)

2.       Most Handsome Male (greyhounds)

3.       Prettiest Female (lurchers)

4.       Most Handsome Male (lurchers)

5.         Matching Pairs (greyhounds and lurchers)

6.       Golden Oldie (over 8 yrs) (greyhounds and lurchers)

7.       Most Appealing Eyes (greyhounds and lurchers)

8.       Best Condition (greyhounds and lurchers)


Other Breeds (Not greyhounds and lurchers)

1.       Prettiest Female

2.       Most Handsome Male

3.       Best Biscuit Catcher

4.       Golden Oldie (over 8 yrs)

5.       Best Condition


Any breeds (greyhounds, lurchers and other breeds)

1.         Child handler

2.       Best 6 legs

3.       Dogs who look most like their owner


Best in Show

Reserve Best in Show


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Line and phone bids accepted on this fabulous prize at our Sunday 27th Summer Fair.


Villa (1)Villa (2)villa1vlla2

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