First Published: 14/03/2017

My old boys


Blythe….Lena Dessie bn 2/12/05    Open class racer, 88 races all over. Came to Tia as a stray from a kennel in Doncaster.

Hanson…..Veryhandsomedog bn1/1/06     37 races in Ireland and Doncaster. The last dog i have from my friend Steve, who made me laugh and who i miss every day.

It just creeps up on you, time. I could have sworn they were only 9 yrs old.

Hanson has never been fat. A few months ago he hurt his back. He had xrays, medication, blah de blah and yet he was still miserable in the kennels and wouldn’t eat. He is now in the garage with the other vintage cars, off all medication and eating everything in sight.

Blythe isn’t well. The weight is just dropping off him and he is all wobbly.

Love my boys to bits….


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