Perhaps you would like a dog but do not have the space or time to look after one or maybe you live in a flat or house where it’s not permitted to keep a dog. You can sponsor one of Tia’s dogs for a modest amount and visit your dog as often as you like and you may be able to play with them in the paddocks, unlike some other sponsor schemes where this contact isn’t available.

Some of the dogs arriving at Tia have experienced such extreme trauma or cruelty that rehoming is not possible. Other dogs may find the adjustment to home life too much to cope with and seem happier staying in a familiar kennel environment.


Whatever the reason, there will always be some dogs that need to stay with Tia and these special dogs are Tia’s Sponsor Dogs.


So, if you are unable to offer a home to one of our dogs, please consider sponsoring of our permanent residents!



It costs less than 15p a day to sponsor a dog and we have two sponsorship schemes:


6 months – £26 and 12 months – £52


Your donation helps pay for your sponsor dog’s food, vet bills and general care.

There are two ways you can pay your sponsorship money, By Post or By PayPal


By Post – You can download a Sponsorship form by CLICKING HERE and once you have completed the form, please send it to us at

Tia Rescue
Mill Race Farm
Wroot Road


By PayPal – Alternatively, save time and postage costs and sponsor one of our dogs online now via PayPal. Please complete the Special Instructions box if you are purchasing your sponsor dog as a gift for example. If you tell us where to send the sponsorship pack, we can arrange this for you:

Sponsorship Duration
Enter sponsor dog name here
Special Instructions

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