First Published: 23/10/2014

The Dragon’s bad week

 means a great one for me

The Dragon has had a bad week.  The vet had to help her old white 
cat go on his ‘long sleep’. She was sad, but he was very poorly.  I 
haven’t told her but I am delighted.  Alfie was a greedy pig!  As if 
eating four times as much as each of the other cats wasn’t enough, he 
always helped himself to anything in MY bowl.  Now everyone knows what a 
polite chap I am,  so each time he started troughing out of my dish, I 
had to stand to one side drooling until he had finished with my food or 
my treats or my milk.  He even managed to hook pieces of chicken out of 
my mouth with his claws! So no, I’m not sorry he’s gone.

      Today I have had a great walk. HALF a mile has taken us at least 
30 minutes.  The Dragon is grumpy she could’nt go any faster. She was 
carrying hay to one of the horses  yesterday when she tripped on some 
baling twine and fell on her bad knee, so this afternoon it was too 
stiff to go at her usual pace – yippee!  You’re never going to believe 
the story of how she got that bad knee.  As it happens, I was 
eavesdropping as she was telling a friend about it.  On several 
occasions her vet took loads of cartilage out of said knee.  Apparently 
this left enough space for someone called Arthur Oritis (it sounded like 
Arthur) to move in.  How ridiculous! How do humans tell unbelievably 
wild tales, and think they can get away with such ‘porkies’!?  As long 
as I live, I don’t think I’ll ever truly understand everything humans 
say.  Who ever heard of anyone living in some one’s knee!!  Ha! Ha!  Any 
how, if it slows her down, I’ll be happy to humour her about this so 
called Arthur Oritis.

      So the Dragon’s bad week has been a great result for me, but just 
don’t tell her.  Next time remind me to tell you about the funeral director.

XX Pim

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