First Published: 09/08/2017

Cracker now Dusty

Hi Deb and all,
A few snaps of Dusty on her Hols in Norfolk!
She was a very good girl, as it was only 7 weeks since she left the kennels and leaving ‘home’ to go to another strange place, but she settled into the chalet very quickly. Still favouring going to lie on the bedroom floor, rather than in her basket or settee, much as she does at home. She is quite OCD with routines and when she sits where! She shook her way through the thunderstorm in the early hours of Wednesday, but that slightly put her on edge the next day and she very nearly slipped her collar, at a sudden clap of thunder, when we were in Lowestoft on Thursday afternoon. Thankfully, I managed to grab the collar, but it certainly put the wind up me, especially away from home. A harness is now ordered, to try and prevent anymore Houdini attempts! Dusty wasn’t too impressed with the sea, for paddling anyway, was quite happy to look at it and people/dog watch.
She is still quite nervous when in the outside world, especially of people approaching her, but slowly, slowly improving. She is a fabulous dog indoors and makes me laugh everyday, particularly her ‘mad 5 minutes’ she has every morning before it’s time to go out, grabbing anything, mats, throws, my pants(!) to fling about!!
I can see why she got named ‘Cracker’ at the kennels! LOL!
Love from Mary and Dusty xxxx


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