First Published: 19/03/2014

Bon Jour Mes Amies

There had been a few quiet weeks, until the one just gone – boy did I forget the damn rules big time! It started with the taglatelli (pasta to you and me). The dragon made way too much for her tea. There was enough left over for lunch and tea the following day. She left it in a huge bowl to cool. She left it on the counter and came into the living room to watch that tv box thing for the evening. Nat came home about 7 pm and I got up as usual to greet her in the kitchen. When I came back in later I plonked myself heavily down in front of the tv thing with a groan. The dragon noticed my bulging tummy and made a mental note, ‘stick greyhound on a diet’. At bedtime she noticed the empty bowl and put two and two together. She also put together a new Pim Whacker.

Two days later she had the bright idea to do a French evening for tea. This entailed a huge casserole dish of homemade French Onion Soup together with toasted French bread and cheese. The soup was accidentally left on the hob when she went to bed. It accidentally found its way into my tummy along with the French bread in the breadbin, which she also forgot to lock. Their French themed evening turned into tinned tomato soup and toast, and I’m having to practice the French lingo. She promises that she will tie me to the bicycle of the next French onion seller she meets. Her new name for me sounds something like ‘couchon noir’. I’ll have to look in my dictionary to see what she is talking about. Ce La Vie.
Bon Nuit mes enfants XX Pim
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