First Published: 30/10/2013

Bin Bags

If I could just get my paws on the numpty who told the Dragon that we black greyhounds were called ‘Bin bags’, I would throttle them!

You can imagine how embarrassing it is for me when we are out. People, who don’t know her, sometimes see us and question her. “Oh, I’m just taking this bin bag for a walk”. Their usual reaction is a pitying look toward me (as though I am out with the village idiot) and normally they scuttle off quickly in the opposite direction. The only thing, which could be any worse, was if she used her normal name for me – the banker – only she still spells it with a ‘W’.

I am NOT a bin bag, banker or any other name she calls me. I AM a dog, a black dog and a very special dog. I HAVE been published, and deserve better respect – or at least a chicken wing!


DON’T Diss me – Pim XX


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