First Published: 26/01/2016

Dandy and Beano


The fund raising department!

Dandy and Beano are worth their weight in gold. No-one can walk past them at the show stall and the takings go skyward. Their talents are especially valued at the Xmas Fairs, taking all the pats and kisses with good grace.

The removal gang last year had mixed feelings about these two rogues. D & B with the help of Sylvia the Shetland (well over 30 yrs) decided that the grass in the other paddocks was much greener and decide to go walkabout. Oblivious to the electric fencing, the three musketeers caused havoc in the Shire paddocks and had to be rescued from being squashed. They are still more trouble than the all the Shires put together.

Created with Nokia Smart CamDandy & Beano

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